Thank you for your interest in our website and more importantly our charitable efforts. We founded Dentists Against Cancer in memory of our mothers, Barbara Bueno and Margaret Sellick, both of whom passed away following extensive and courageous battles with breast cancer.  Gradually, our feelings of grief began to transform into a desire to help make a difference.

In 2009 Dentists Against Cancer was formed to make a difference in our community.  We felt money was wasted by being given to huge corporate charities that had to support administrative costs and overhead before the money ever reached someone in need.  We wanted to make an impact directly by helping women in need directly and eliminating overhead costs.

With the help of our friends at Stanford Health Care - ValleyCare, we found there was indeed a need for women not covered by insurance or with limits on their insurance for receiving mammograms, doctors interpretations of those images, diagnostic imaging if the mammograms showed a positive result, and other diagnostic services.  For women undergoing treatment, often the most difficult part of the whole procedure is not the surgery or the chemo or the radiation.   For some it is not even the loss of their affected breasts.

For many it is the loss of their hair.

For all of these reasons, we established a fund at Stanford Health Care - ValleyCare to help pay for these services for women that needed assistance.

California set up a fund called the Every Woman Counts program to cover screening mammograms for uninsured women.  We anticipate this program continuing in the future.

The real need moving forward is for women who have positive mammograms and need additional testing.  There has always been a gap in program funding diagnostic work and biopsies.  The fund at Stanford Health Care - ValleyCare will be targeting this need.  Our efforts with the support of our participants and sponsors up through last year's Tri-Valley Memorial have been able to add $102,000 to this fund.  Our only expenses are those incurred by hosting the annual fundraiser, The Tri-Valley Memorial Charity Golf Tournament.  We have no administrative costs and we do all we can to minimize the actual cost of putting on the golf tournament and post tournament banquet and auction.

This past year we did not have our annual golf tournament, but we did continue our fundraising efforts.  We used Facebook fundraisers, we encouraged people to use to make all of their Amazon purchases, and we still do the Smiles for Life tooth whitening in our dental office, Pacific Dental Care in Pleasanton.  This year, with the help of friends and family we are still able to place over $8,100 into the Women In Need fund at Stanford-ValleyCare.  

Also, our friends at Main Street Brewery have raised money for our charity with their annual/semi-annual golf tournament at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds golf course.  Next time you're in the Main Street Brewery, tell Matt or Sharon you appreciate their efforts for our cause. 

We are excited to continue these efforts and make a difference in peoples lives.

Our mothers would want it this way.

Thank You For Supporting Our Cause.

Together we can make a difference!

Yours very truly,

Jeff Bueno, DDS