This past June, 2019, we were the honored guests at the annual/semi-annual Main St Brewery Charity Golf Tournament and Fun Fest at the golf course on the Alameda County Fairgrounds.  Participants played 9 holes carrying only three clubs.  One club had to be a driver or fairway wood, one had to be a putter, and the third could be any other club.  Needless to say, the round of golf was challenging.  After the 9-holes were played, all players gathered on the 8th tee to participate in a  one-shot-per-player closest-to-the-pin contest (over water).  Fun was had by all.  The event was followed by a get together at the Main St Brewery in Pleasanton on Main Street in the old Cheese Factory building.
The proceeds from the event were donated to a few recipient charities and our portion totaled over $1,000.  We are very thankful for the donation and the money will be joined with money raised from our year-long, fundraising efforts.
Keep checking back to see if we have a charity event you can attend.